December 4, 2022
The CBS Post


Visa Ban by the US

The entire world is currently facing tough and trying times created by the sudden spread of the highly contagious and deadly Coronavirus.

In the midst of all this a recent order by the US government regarding suspension of visas of foreign workers till the end of 2020 has led to a lot of disappointment amongst high skilled tech workers, non agricultural seasonal workers etc who were hoping to work in the US. The Trump Govt claimed that this move will create jobs for Americans who have been economically hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic and have lost their jobs. 

Apart from this some new green cards that grant permanent residence to foreigners have also been banned temporarily. 

This order also applies to H1B visas, many of which are granted to Indian tech workers. Many other visas like H2B, J1 short term exchange visas, L visas have also been suspended to limit the entry of foreigners in the US. 

But many critics said that the Trump govt is using the coronavirus pandemic to tighten the immigration laws of the country. The order has also been condemned by tech giants like Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook, Amazon etc. Top CEOs like Sundar Pichai, Tim Cook and many others said that immigration has always contributed towards the economic success and diversity of America which strengthens it as compared to the other developed nations. All of them expressed their disappointment with this unjust and misguided order. 

Though it is being said by the Trump Govt that this order will protect the US citizens from loosing their jobs to foreign nationls but if seen from an economic point of view it doesnt seem to be a very effective decision cause seeing the pandemic situation most of the companies will avoid hiring as much as possible during this economically depressed time and since this decision does not apply to the workers who are currently in the US with valid visas or outside US but their visas have been issued so this order if analyzed intricately only appears to be announced keeping the 2020 Republican presidential campaign in mind and to promote his election slogan “Keep America Great”.


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