October 7, 2022
The CBS Post


Fragility of Life

Financial modelling and value assessment, valuation case studies, valuing equity & valuing equations, we value many commodities. However, we often fail to value the most crucial Case of all Time, Time. We have often heard our peers joyously preach Carpe Diem but have we ever, in reality, and its entirety, ever ceased a moment? Have we ever stopped running from our frantic lives to capture the bit around us? I reckon we more than often have not.

We are reckless with our time in the present, pacified by the assumption that our future will be enriched by the things we hope to do. The flaws in this thinking startle me each day, but I’m party to it. We waste so much time planning and preparing instead of preaching and practising; it’s embarrassing.
We need to face reality as it is, not as what it was or as we wish it to be.

Considering the universe is over 5 billion years old, and the average life expectancy is 70 (only if you’re into cult.fit and avocados), we are here only momentarily. If we are here for such a short period, what is the point of it all? Considering such questions for a lengthy period is challenging, as it’s not easy to contemplate one’s mortality regularly.

Despite becoming more aware of our mortality, I don’t believe we are ever mindful or prepared about the mortality of the loved ones around us.

That they too are fragile and thus cease to exist.

‘And the sea, which appears to have changed less

Washed their terribly transient feet.’

I am sure you’re going through minor OCD right now, trying frivolously to remember where you read this. Let me enlighten you; this is an excerpt from our 11th class poem,
“A Photograph” by Shirley Toulson.
I mentioned this because of the trivial yet monumental impact this line has had on me ever since. After reading this, I realised the penultimate truth of life – mortality and fragility of being, that how eventually we all cease to exist.

During such unprecedented and testing times when everyone is either going through the repercussions of covid-19 or taking care of someone affected by the same, such times call for peace and tranquillity. 4,529 Deaths recorded in a single day are not just numbers & figures but feelings attached to faces and emotions.

From a person who continuously, incessantly, and sometimes unnecessarily preached, “Kal Ho Na Ho”, but now is no longer alive to propagate it, I believe it’s high time we stop, take a look around, and capture what we can. To sit tight for once, living in the present instead of clenching on to the past or dreaming frantically about the future but to just live in the present in its absolute and utmost entirety.

For it’s not that long until, 

Breath just becomes air.


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