May 28, 2022
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Physical Movement for Better Efficacy in Exams

I still remember the day when I went for running and playing volleyball, right a day before my Accountancy board examination. While that was a  routine for me during my board exam’s journey, that day was seen by my friends like some maniac doing some freak work. Because if you ask any guy having commerce in 10+2 the subject that deserves the award for the most challenging subject, they will straightly tell you Accountancy is the subject. But I decided to follow my suit of having physical activity before exams for some space and calmness . This provided my mind the space and calmness to think logically rather than what I have fed my mind by doing repeated questions and solving previous years. It did turn out yeah man , This works!

So we are again in the next big season after the festive season in which your mind is filled with the jar of questions which you encounter every exam season like I might have prepared earlier or I should have taken my subject more coherently. We all decide to cut ourselves from the outside world like a bear going for hibernation. We decide to quit or minimize the time spent on social media. We also refrain from diverging our mind on activities that we deem to be not very pertinent.In this hurly-burly, we also decide to impinge our physical activities.

But this can be a thing that we are not entering exactly on the lines that we don’t realize eventually in case of preparing early and all those regrets. We all know how paramount physical activities are in modern-day lifestyle but for students , this value has been diminishing. When you’re furiously cramming for an exam, it can make you feel like you’ve entered a vortex where you are doing things subconsciously only.

Why we need it?

We all are aware of the benefits that are associated with exercising, but the impact of exercising on the mind’s logical thinking is very underrated. 

The forward-most benefit is reduced stress ; exercise has prominent stress-busting benefits. It pumps up your endorphins, a hormone that reduces pain and stress, so it hinges on the fact that whenever you are having some stress, the production of endorphins will be more prompt and effective since you have trained your body and mind while doing physical activities. This metamorphoses into a tool that will significantly alter your performance in exams with a positive effect.One another significant quotient that I observed while doing physical 

activities during exams is that it gives you a healthy way to procrastinate. We all know how much we love procrastination especially 

when there is so much stress to circumvent a problem or at least to drop some piece of stress into a black-hole, but it is often counter-ineffective to do so and results in utter time wastage.Exercise gives you a healthy way  procrastinate but this time you are not circumventing you are just providing yourself more time. It gives you a less-tired and active mind which in turn improves your efficacy of what you have learned. Also, it makes you more organized in the period of exams.At this time , we completely go without being organized and shun from the outer world. This is not the correct approach. You should manage your other life aspect as well.It shouldn’t be like a rabbit closing his eyes and thinking that as nobody is seeing him, he is safe now. 

Exercise demands a schedule and makes you realize the importance of being organized and structured.

Finally, exercise makes us tired and in order to calm down this desire for rest, the body answers it by calling its savior i.e. sleep. 

On this indispensable topic of sleep, there are tons of books written, which emphasizes you to sleep well to do well in your life and exercise is one of the best ways to achieve this. It not only gets you to sleep early but also gives you quality sleep so that you can start your next day with more zeal and concentration. The upshot is that whenever you are having some exams or any stressful and time-demanding spree in your life, don’t balk yourself from doing exercise or I should say absolutely reject the trade-off between study and physical activity because it doesn’t need to have a trade-off. Try to complement your time with some physical movements in order to ensure you do not need the best of luck but the best of mind.


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