December 6, 2021
The CBS Post


Acing the Exams

The known question, oddly unasked, hereby answered by The CBS Post.

With the exams coming around the corner, we are here to provide you with a detailed and specific methodology and study tips to ace your exams quoted by the most meritorious students of CBS.

  1. Full review of syllabus and notes: Merely scanning the syllabus is not enough to understand the nuances of the topics. A full synopsis of the list of topics should be prepared and discussed with the professor to understand which topics are most important from the examination point of view and which topics will act as a supplement to their understanding which can be out of the purview of the syllabus as well. Every student has a different study pattern and preparation methodology while borrowing notes or referring to student council notes can be handy, to really study for the exam and elevate your knowledge base, handwritten notes and referring to the book is suggested.
  1. Scanning past year questions: Observing the language of the question, inter-disciplinary questions and HOTS questions is a must for scoring good in the exams. Delhi University exams can be predictable only if abundant time is dedicated to studying the pattern and frame of the questions.
  1. Prioritizing and time management: Making timetables and dedicating appropriate time to each subject on the basis of difficulty level is always advised, but following timetables become far-fetched for a lot of students when other activities are equally important and dynamic. Asking a third-year meritorious student, Pancham Gupta about the overall extensive goals and vastness of the campus and niche interactions, he quoted, “When you’re trying to develop yourself, it’s important to do it in a way that you enjoy, instead of a set pattern. Someone’s learning comes through the society work, and someone’s comes through courses and what not. What’s important, is to remember that even though your goals are your own, more often than not you’re not alone in that. Be it extensive society work, or even CAT/GMAT or Placement prep. Surrounding yourself with like-minded people, who share your goals and your zeal, makes it easier to go around to achieving your goals. This creates a semblance of college life a lot of times.”
  1. Specific tips for writing exams: Highlight specific points and keywords in exams, supplementing answers with practical and theoretical examples and cases, drawing figures and graphs for illustrations, preparing the derivations in subjects like IM, BSI thoroughly and completing the paper within 2.5 hours and full reading and revision of answers for improvisation in the last thirty minutes.
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