March 1, 2024
The CBS Post


Nescafe and Suraj Bhaiya

by Aryan Gauba, BMS’24


Nescafe, being one of the two food establishments in the college, is an integral part of the day to day life of a CBSite. The Nescafe booth at the college doesn’t have a lot of products to offer but the shade under the counter and a cold coffee is enough for us to chat about anything and everything ranging from assignments to society gossip.

Just like Nescafe in the college, Suraj bhaiya is an imperative part of the Nescafe booth. Neither the infinity hour’s intense heat nor the lazy evening closing time, nothing seems to hinder his lively personality and stop him from humming pahadi songs.

At times, we don’t really understand how Suraj bhaiya is even a part of our college routines, but almost everyone in the college would have had a small memorable interaction with him around some random topic on a random afternoon. 

If you have ever struggled with recollecting faces and names, Suraj bhaiya can’t relate. He has a photographic memory. Keeping tabs on every order he ever took, trust me you can’t get away with eating and not paying.

Suraj bhaiya may charge more for his products, but his charm, extra services (like phone charging), and great customer relationships make it worth it. He’s a marketing genius who shows big brands how to be relatable and empathetic, all from his 9×9 Nescafe shop. Furthermore, thanks to communique, you can find the marketing genius himself on LinkedIn for tips. All in all, Suraj bhaiya makes your monotonous routine with the aim of a good placement journey to the college a little better, in a way we don’t even recognize, but again he does charge a lot for that.


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