May 28, 2022
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The NSS Unit of SSCBS

Amidst the time of the stark terror caused by an uncertain upsurge of covid-19, SSCBS societies proved to be a ray of hope for the needy. Forging ahead with the motto ‘we rise by lifting others’, NSS played an efficacious role to assuage the catastrophe caused by the novel covid virus.


Here are some of the exemplary efforts made by NSS-


The initiative began in April 2021, when the second wave of Covid-19 was at its peak with a group of 25 volunteers working around the clock for almost 1.5 months to assist those in need.

The responsibility of the volunteers was to check for the availability of various necessary covid resources such as oxygen cylinders, beds, ventilators, concentrators, plasma, ambulance, medicines, doctors and food services and provide the verified leads to the needy ones. It started off as a small campaign but the team later reached about 40 in number, and all of them worked the whole day to help people in need.

The volunteers worked 24 hours in teams of 10 at a time and each of them received at least 50 calls per day. The success ratio wherein the volunteers could help was approximately 30 people out of the total 50 calls for each volunteer.

NSS SSCBS was successful in achieving the very objective for which this project was started and our help reached a lot of needy ones.



NSS SSCBS started a COVID Vaccination Awareness Campaign to build an environment of universal vaccine acceptability. With a desire to give credit to our scientific community that raced against time to develop the vaccine and to assure people about the reliability of the vaccine, this awareness campaign was started, covering the entire procedure of registration and vaccination and it was a great success.



As the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on life and health, NSS SSCBS took initiative to fight the virus and started Project Rakt, aimed to bridge the gap between plasma donors and donees by providing the donees with verified donors. This eased the work for both the donor and recipient.



LIVE SESSIONS ON MENTAL HEALTH To address the mental health issues, NSS SSCBS, under Project Chetna, conducted various live sessions and webinars with therapists, counsellors and influencers to speak up on how to fight against the various issues related to mental health and how to stay positive in these unprecedented times. The speakers shared their journey of how they fought against their problems and motivated the students to stay optimistic for the future.



COVID-19 also led to an infodemic leaving users susceptible to rumours and questionable information on social media platforms. The students started a campaign to increase awareness related to cyber security and to safeguard people against various cyber security threats and breaches.

Knowledge of basic cyber security measures is essential today as not everything available online is actually safe and hence this project was needed.


The pandemic caused tremendous suffering and loss of life around the world and NSS SSCBS did their part by contributing positively to society in these tough times. Through these initiatives, it gave a ray of hope to the people it helped in such situations of fear and panic.


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