November 28, 2021
The CBS Post


A Social Route to Success

CBS is a hub of entrepreneurial ideas, collaboration and an almost un-corrupted corporate zeal. This is fuelled by an untethered determination to climb up the ladder to the ranks where we can incite meaningful change. We all, through the paths we choose, want to become winners and better leaders; because that is what it takes to reach the heights of success we aspire. This is what we discuss in the conversations we have and is reflected in the endeavours we pursue, whether it be case competitions, live projects or spearheading corporate events. Having an innate understanding of possessing the ‘it factor’ it takes to be the next tycoon in the corporate space, one wonders why do all our experiences appear the same? With the same question and in pursuit of an answer, Shivansh Tuli of BMS 3F decided to take the social route. Along with a few friends from school, he is heading an initiative called ‘Avaaz’, educating students from economically weaker backgrounds on personality development and moral values, in an attempt to bring them at par with the rigorous private school curriculum. With a team of 50 volunteers, their operations extend to a school and a daycare centre in Ghitorni and Nawada respectively, holding weekly workshops for a total of 120 students of all ages. The sessions outline dedicated physical activities for increasing attention span and writing, painting and acting exercises to trigger creative thought.

In all fairness, Shivansh did not start ‘Avaaz’ for the sake of doing something different or enhancing certain skills. As he explains his intentions, “I had noticed a considerable amount of change in myself in the past 2 years of practicing theatre in college. I always thought had I been exposed to something like this earlier, I would’ve probably been a completely different person by now”. Although leadership was not the outcome he was looking for, it is one of the many learnings he gained in the process. “The trick is to not really think about what you’re getting out of it”, he elaborates. 

This makes one wonder about the possibility of trying things outside of what is considered conventional in at least our college. As Shivansh explains how he copes up with the fear of not following the tested road to success, he says, “It is obviously scary, considering the constant opportunity cost of doing something else which gives immediate results, but it does save you from the existential dread of wondering whether you even want to actually pursue what you’re doing. I think of what I do as a practical extension of who I am as a person. It boils down to choosing to be unique rather than just excellent”.

Shivansh previously directed a play called ‘Bhunde’ about the state of beggars on the streets of New Delhi.


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